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Welcome To CLG Coaching!

Let’s be clear, leadership is not a one-size-fits-all capability. Every individual’s leadership style is unique and represents the values and standards that they hold dear.

To support your development journey, I will employ proven tools & techniques to level up your leadership performance, presence, and productivity. And together, we will shape and empower your leadership style towards creating maximum performance and agility in your life.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching empowers you to shift your perspective, challenge traditional mindsets, grow your leadership skill sets, and flip the coin on whatever is sticky.

Executive Coaching

Bring professional coaching into your business to boost productivity, increase collaboration, build leaders, and engage clients.

Corporate Consultation & KeyNoteS

Specific consultation and impactful keynotes provide insights on how to activate key leadership markers to create impact and awareness that enhance your company’s bottom line.

Coaching 101

Who is Leadership coaching for?

Whether you’re a high performing businessperson who needs to find a new ceiling to break, or driven to achieve personal fulfillment but are lost in the process, leadership is for everyone and you are in the right place.

What will we discuss?

Through coaching, results-driven individuals and organizations learn:

-How to demonstrate unique leadership impact and influence;

-Gain critical perspective, find diverse solutions, and create balance;

-Manifest your greatest ambitions into reality with proven leadership data;

-Stay grounded when complexity arises and how to navigate polarities;

-Develop confidence that you already hold the answers;

-Build emotional intelligence and courageous leadership.

What is the process?

I work with a limited number of clients for a committed time period (typically 3 or 6 months), during which we will:

-Establish goals for coaching

-Develop a framework of accountability

-Meet twice a month over the phone

-Communicate via email, as necessary

About Me

Introductions All Around

I am Cara Lyn Giovanniello, a CTI-certified CPCC and PCC from San Francisco, California, and it is my belief that impactful leadership is a choice we each get to make. And the keys to success and fulfillment stem from emotional intelligence, tough love, and commitment to active development. Working with me, you will learn how to have deep influence and impact in your personal leadership, and throughout your organization.
“[Working with Cara Lyn] been a powerful force in helping me create positive change in my life. She’s infectiously energetic, hilarious, so fun to talk to, and sizzling with candor. She uses all of these assets and so many more to help me get crystal clear on what matters most and to hone my ability to make decisions in pursuit of that.”

Isabel Friedman, Project Manager, Shift SF CA

“Cara Lyn manages to be insightful, empathetic, pragmatic, and fierce all at once. She has helped me get on my way to achieving goals that I have been desperately trying to reach for years. Her coaching isn’t a magic pill, but her approach has empowered me to take responsibility for my actions and to create a closer alignment between my values and my behavior, all while being kind to myself in a way that is both freeing and motivating.”

Anna Meister, Financial Planning and Analysis Systems Analyst, UC Berkeley

“Her coaching approach is witty, wise, concise and on point. Working with Cara Lyn is like a slap in the face (no hiding, wake up!) and warm supportive hug at the same time. The thing about Cara Lyn is that she makes you feel like anything is possible and the result is you wanting to work harder and fully show up for yourself.”

Chief of Staff, Breathometer, San Francisco CA

“I finally feel whole and I think it’s a first, to be honest. I owe so much of this feeling of completeness to CLG Coaching! I couldn’t see myself in the scramble of things I was trying to do and trying to avoid. And now I feel so immensely grateful to know my purpose as a leader and business owner.”

Emilie Sizemore, Global Software Expert Chicago, IL

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