Find Confidence, Leadership, & Growth

Coaching is simply a conversation; however, it could be the best conversation you ever have. C.L.G. Coaching services clients in finding Confidence, gaining Leadership, and welcoming Growth for influence and impact!

I am Cara Lyn Giovanniello, a CTI-certified CPCC and ACC from San Francisco, California, and it is my belief that the keys to success and fulfillment stem from emotional intelligence, “tough love”, and commitment to active development. Working with me, you will learn how to have deep influence and impact in your life, and throughout your organization.


Individual Coaching:

Are you an individual who is determined to bring change into your reality but feels stuck? Seemingly all the tools that have landed you at success are not delivering the goods anymore? By saying YES to these questions, you are taking the first step to getting you out of the quicksand. You will receive a wide array of tools that shift perspective, widen your viewpoint, challenge traditional mindsets, and flip the coin on whatever is sticky. My clients range from project managers, lawyers, stay-at-home parents, change managers, CEOs, aid workers, educators, therapists, and customer service professionals. You have the choice to direct your life in the way you desire; it may simply take the right coach to make that journey with you. 

I help individual clients to discover and embody:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The Leader from Within
  • Personal Values
  • Life Purpose
  • Communication Excellence
  • Impact and Influence
  • Work-Life Ownership

Organizational and Executive Coaching:

Bring professional coaching into your business to boost productivity, increase collaboration, build leaders, and engage clients – components of success! By activating untapped potential, each client, leader, and team will create insightful solutions, employ creative fixes, and utilize resourceful tools. Companies that have already benefited from CLG Coaching: Shift Automotive, Stanford University, College and University Professional Association (CUPA)-HR, Sacramento State University, Halperin Law Firm, University of California, Berkeley, Swift, Panopto Video, Aesculap Biologics, Silicon Valley Bank, Dominican University, and Jadexchange.


Additionally, the benefits of my facilitated coaching programs are:

  • Better communication and deescalation techniques
  • Management Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Giving and receiving feed”forward”
  • Confidence in following your companies goals
  • Becoming coach-like as a manager
  • Guiding employees to project accountability
  • Creating more connected and productive teams

I offer consultation and activated facilitated training programs for organizations in the areas of Fearless Change Management, Coaching for Connection!, Peer-to-Peer Team Coaching, Consultative Mastery, and Leadership Development. 

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