Creating Team MAGIC

There is a singular kind of magic in bringing teams together to work through challenges, find strengths & motivations, AND together step into greater collaborative impact.

Team efficacy is the make-or-break of most organizations and the customers they support.

To meet this need, our programming is based on the principle that when teams are aligned, they can work together more productively, efficiently, and successfully. We believe that by understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, teams can create strategies to work together more effectively and achieve their goals.

Through the lens of emotional, relational, and strategic intelligence, we customize bespoke exercises and discussions to build up teams from the inside out.

we assess team dynamics, and use interactive activities, leadership frameworks and experiential scenarios to help teams explore their goals and develop strategies to achieve them in real time.

Either in-person or virtually, offsites range from half day to full day, or multi-day programming.  

There is also ample time built in for deep reflection and relationship building, so that teams leave with a sense of true psychological safety and authenticity for affecting maximum impact.

CLG Coaching consults with organizations to activate unique skillsETS LEADERS need to become autonomous, creative drivers, which will significantly enhance your company’s bottom line.

Impactful offsites, keynote speeches, and fractional leadership all serve to highlight corporate missions, activating creative problem solving and building teams of successful rainmakers, leveraging the firm’s profile and visibility among key audiences & clients.


Navigating Polarities & ERGO Feedback

Navigating polarities requires us to trade in our traditional cause-and-effect, problem-solving mindset for something that accurately depicts the new territory of complexity – heightened especially post 2020. This skill is especially relevant when organizational challenges arise that hinder progress, reduce productivity, create silos, and lower morale – stats no company wants to prolong. As your organization continues to rapidly grow, there is now the opportunity to ease traditional growing pains, while creating deeper cross collaboration, using the skill of navigating polarities and ERGO feedback. In this session, your organization will learn to uncover and name specific areas of discord, learn a polarities mapping tool to improve direction, alignment, and commitment across a range of topics, and utilize a specific feedback tool to reshape collaboration and communication across the organization. 

Consultative Mastery - Make it Clear, Make it Complete

Would you like to learn how to frame a conversation for effective problem solving? Become a trusted advisor through clear expression expertise and learn how to improve the art of relationships using science and communication. This workshop will help you deliver critical information with impact and influence.

Coaching For Connection!

Are you a current leader struggling to help develop your employees? Would you like to learn how to equip yourself and your staff to face present & future challenges? Want to develop active listening skills to better understand your employees? Would you like to learn how to make requests and hold your others accountable? We ask participants are asked to leave their inner critics at the door to fully embrace the coaching mindset both as the coach and as the client.

Fearless Change Management for Organizations

Without change, no person nor organization can grow or develop. The idea behind change management is to proactively manage the people side of change to achieve the desired business results. CLG Coaching will look at tools and techniques to make successful change in your company or organization, while also delving deeper into the benefits of applying coaching strategies and of powerful sponsorship for change implementation success. The personalized skillsets developed will empower and enlighten professionals to be leaders of change for their organizations.

Making Millions in Your Trust Bank - How to Provide Great Customer Service

Learning the difference between “Moments of Trust” and “Moments of Truth”, and how this change will impact your ability to provide epic customer service. Decipher office culture, set tools for success, gratitude, inspiration, and leadership to change the mindset for your organization towards Happy Staff = Happy Customers.

START UP! Getting to the Root of the Ask

This experiential deep dive will lead your organization towards excellence, while creating high quality internal service standards, identifying your customer’s true ask, and gaining an understanding of how to incorporate the START UP! tool kit into daily work practices.

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“Cara Lyn delivered a change management and coach training to 80 of our staff in HR at Dominican University and it was so well done!!! It met (and surpassed) all of our expectations. I spoke to so many people who felt that they actually moved through stuck barriers on issues they had been addressing. I know that is true for me personally. There were a LOT of “ah-ha” moments. Not to mention the humor and polished delivery. All of it was just perfect!”

Director of Human Resources, Dominican University, San Rafael CA

“Cara Lyn is a powerful coach and has an effervescent passion for learning and development! She came into a change fatigued organization, and made big, meaty recommendations that still enhance the organization today. She is wonderful in the c-suite, and in team coaching!”

Emily Howe, Corporate Gender Strategist, Portola Advisors, San Francisco CA

“Never one to shy away from an opportunity to improve the way we offer personal and professional development to our staff, she has contributed in so many ways. I’m impressed with the way she absolutely embodies the learnings she is delivering; whether it be to make our leaders better coaches, to more tactical training our staff needs to do their jobs more efficiently and offer better customer service.”

Arliss Nakken, Communications Specialist, Berkeley CA

“Cara-Lyn is a master facilitator and was an absolute pleasure to work with during our PD offsite. She took complex leadership skills and presented them in a way that was applicable to our organization and easily digestible for our leadership team. Her facilitation was humorous, kind and engaging, and kept us on our toes for an entire day of learning. We would absolutely work with her again.”  

Michael Anderson, Chief People Officer – Evolve Treatment Centers

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