Corporate Facilitation

Workshops & Trainings:

Consultative Mastery – Make it Clear, Make it Complete

Would you like to learn how to frame a conversation for effective problem solving? Become a trusted advisor through clear expression expertise and learn how to improve the art of relationships using science and communication. Deliver critical information, with impact and influence, which can become seamless with practice.

Coaching For Connection!

Are you a current leader struggling on how to ask powerful questions that help develop your employees? Would you like to learn how to equip yourself and your staff to face present & future challenges? Want to develop active listening skills to better understand your employees? Would you like to learn how to make requests and hold your others accountable? Participants are asked to leave their inner critics at the door to fully embrace the coaching mindset both as the coach and as the client.

Fearless Change Management for Organizations

Without change, no person nor organization can grow or develop. The idea behind change management is to proactively manage the people side of change to achieve the desired business results. This seminar will look at tools and techniques to make successful change in companies and organizations, while also delving deeper into the benefits of applying coaching strategies and of powerful sponsorship for change implementation success. The skill sets developed will empower and enlighten professionals to be leaders of change for their organizations.

Making Millions in Your Trust Bank – How to Provide Great Customer Service

Learning the difference between “Moments of Trust” and “Moments of Truth”, and how this change will impact your ability to provide epic customer service. Decipher office culture, set tools for success, gratitude, inspiration, and leadership to change the mindset for your organization towards Happy Staff = Happy Customers.

START UP– Getting to the Root of the Ask

This experiential deep dive will lead your organization towards excellence, while creating high quality internal service standards, identifying your customer’s true ask, and gaining an understanding of how to incorporate the START UP! tool kit into daily work practices.

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